International observers monitor elections in Kazakhstan

International observers monitor elections in Kazakhstan

International observers are monitoring the snap legislative elections in Kazakhstan. They have been visiting polling stations in cities and regions of the country since early morning.

“In addition to Kazakhstan, our observer mission is also operating in many cities of almost all CIS countries and other states, including France, Korea, China, and Belgium. This will allow us to make objective conclusions. The mission is paying attention not only to the work of polling stations in Kazakhstan itself but also to those set up abroad,” said Dmitry Kobitsky, Secretary General of the Council of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly.

A total of 61 international observers from the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly are monitoring the elections. Following the observation, including at foreign polling stations, a conclusion on the compliance of the electoral campaign with the country’s legislation and international standards will be made.

“I would like to make a special mention of the highest level of the organizational process that we are observing. It is safe to say that every election is a step towards democracy. Our observation mission is satisfied with the results of the election organization process which is held in a very democratic way. There are no significant problems. Everything is going strictly according to the law,” noted Vagharshak Hakobyan, IPA CIS Observer Group coordinator.

The group of international observers from the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly is also observing the snap parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan. They are monitoring over 10,000 polling stations in the country’s capital and the Akmola region.

“This is the third polling station for our observation team. We attended the opening of other polling stations, listened to the National Anthem, and saw the first voters. The high level of organization of the elections at the polling stations made a very positive impression on us. It complies with international standards and the Constitutional Law on Elections in Kazakhstan. I am sure that the elections will be held at a decent level throughout the whole election day. And the will of the Kazakh people will be reflected in the election results,” said Aleksandr Markevich, CSTO PA International Observer Group coordinator.

It bears noting that international observer groups will monitor the polling stations until the end of the vote counting. The final press conference of the CIS Observer Mission with the participation of observers from the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly is scheduled for March 20.