International observers share their views on presidential election in Kazakhstan

International observers share their views on presidential election in Kazakhstan

The current presidential election is an important historic moment for Kazakhstan, according to international observers. Throughout the day, they visited polling stations across the country, observing the transparency of the election process. Correspondent Aigerim Akimzhanova found out what representatives of various international institutions think about the organization and conduct of the political event. 

The Centre of Assistance to International Observers in Astana has been open since early morning. Briefings attended by international observers, and representatives of the media, both Kazakh and international, have been held there. Foreign observers shared their opinion on the conduct of the presidential election in Kazakhstan. It bears noting that 641 international observers are monitoring the event throughout the country, representing both international organizations and 35 states around the world.

Tiberio Graziani, an international observer from Italy, highlights the extensive preparatory work done by the Central Election Commission and the strong turnout of young voters. According to him, Astana residents started coming to the polling stations early in the morning to express their civic stance.

 “I haven’t seen any violations. All things were very formal. Yes, I saw both young people and also senior citizens. During the first hours in the morning, 15 to 30 percent of voters have made their duty at the polling station. In Italy, we are more competitive, we are very very serious during the Election Day. While, in Kazakhstan, we listen to the music and people are smiling,” said Tiberio Graziani, foreign observer from Italy.

Ahmed Sarrer represents the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. This is the fourth time the foreign guest has been to Kazakhstan and the second time he has acted as an international observer of an event of this scale.

“We have observed elections in Kazakhstan most recently in June this year, during the Referendum, as well as in the 2019 during the Presidential elections. In both of these occasions, we have found that the election in Kazakhstan is always conducted in very orderly fashion and in a peaceful manner, according to the electoral laws. This time, when I met the Election commission three days ago, I expressed the confidence that the OIC has in Kazakhstan`s current elections as well that things will be very much smooth,” Ahmed Sarrer, foreign observer from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, said.

The observers will be working tonight and during the day on November 21. They have to ensure that the process of vote counting is transparent and fair. In the morning, members of international organizations and country representatives will take part in a briefing to discuss the preliminary election results and to announce the final statement.