Ivan Dychko: I can do what I love

In the new issue of Sports Nation, we will go to the largest outdoor sports complex in the country - the triathlon park of the capital. We will talk to one of the most titled boxers in Kazakhstan - Ivan Dychko. We will finish our issue with a master class in breathing exercises from Kseniya Derevyanko.

There are probably no sports fans in Kazakhstan who don't know who Ivan Dychko is. For a long time, the heavyweight boxer from Kostanay region has been winning medals at the highest level being part of the national team. He has won two Olympic bronze medals, two silver medals, and a bronze medal at the World Championships. In 2017, Ivan Dychko switched to professional boxing; he managed to hold 9 fights and won 9 early victories. More than a year has passed since the last fight, so for a long time, the fans have been wondering what the champion is doing now.