Jamie Vans sets out on London-Nur-Sultan-Zhezkazgan route

00:00 Jamie Vans, a descendant of British mining engineer Nelson Fell, sets out on the London-Nur-Sultan-Zhezkazgan route.

04:23 Jamie in Ulytau. The first acquaintance with the traditional life of the Kazakhs.

09:40 Meeting with Kazakh blogger Tinkai. Visiting the sacred places of Ulytau. Tamerlane's hill. Museum of the history of mining and smelting business in Zhezdy.

13:54 Jamie at the excavation of the settlement of ancient metallurgists called Taldysai. Acquaintance with archaeologist Antonina Yermolaeva.

15:20 Karaganda. Inspection of the old pre-revolutionary mine.

16:11 Spassky. Tour of the places where Jamie's ancestors lived and worked.

19:20 Uspensky. Meeting with the old residents of the village. A mine that belonged to a British company in the early 20th century.

24:16 Karkaralinsk, Koyandy - places that Jamie's ancestors loved to visit.

28:41 Jamie in the UK recalls a trip to Central Kazakhstan.