Karagandy region to create website on development of its history

Karagandy region to create website on development of its history

In the city of Karagandy, an educational website is being formed to provide complete information about the development of the region. It will include all archaeological and architectural monuments of Central Kazakhstan. One of them is the Aktau fortification that was built in 1837. The height of the rampart reached two meters, and the depth of the surrounding moat was up to three meters.

“This website introduces the history, geography, genealogy, toponymic data of each area. Young people can get all the necessary information on their smartphones. Thus, we want them to receive data through the use of information technologies,” said historianTemirgali Aksharbekov.

Documents about the Aktau fortification and artifacts found nearby are currently stored in the Zhanaarka museum.

“We have five tsarist rubles, three kopeks, soldier’s buttons, rings worn by women of that time. All these are valuable artifacts for the museum,” said Yerbolat Shubayev, director of Zhanaarka District local history museum.

Archaeological research of the fortress has not yet been conducted. The main source of information is archival documents that include numerous reports and private correspondence of the officers who worked here. This year, for the first time, researchers made a detailed filming of the building from a quadcopter and submitted documents for including the monument into the list of sacred places of Kazakhstan. Historians hope that this will attract tourists to the region.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova