Kasun Abeywardene: I am sincerely grateful to the people of Atyrau!!!

Kasun, a financial expert from Canada with extensive experience in international corporations, has been working in Atyrau for the fifth year. Holding a responsible position in the offshore oil and gas development project in Kazakhstan (North Caspian Project), he, along with other expats, lives in a hotel on the embankment of the Zhaiyk (Ural) River. By the way, this embankment was landscaped as a gift to the residents by the Kazakh company which he works for.

In his free time, Kasun likes to do morning and evening runs or just walk along the embankment. In addition, he is a fan of sports cycling and playing billiards. As a responsible representative of the international community, he is committed to learning languages, so he attends language lessons to communicate with Kazakh colleagues and friends.

Meet Kasun Abeywardene, the next hero of the My Day in Kazakhstan program!


1:39 My morning route runs along the beautiful embankment, and then I cross the bridge to the other side of the river

3:18 a cup of coffee with a colleague is a great way to reboot in the middle of the work day

4:02 it’s time for language lessons

5:56 Here are the freshest vegetables and fruits in Atyrau!

6:53 unexpected bicycle damage

7:19 evening walk instead of cycling

10:25 musical event on the river bank

11:06 dinner on the roof of the hotel

15:20 friendship with the hotel manager is worth a lot!

17:23 billiards enthusiast

18:14 no one has canceled work online at home in the evenings

19:21 What a day without a gym!

20:39 the ability to cook food as an excellent skill

22:34 second attempt: a trip to the bike shop to the repairman

23:33 valuable support came from a shop visitor

27:38 This is my favorite place for cycling in Atyrau!