Creativity of the artist Lilya Pozdnyakova

Lilya Pozdnyakova! Seeing her work at exhibitions in an unexpected way, you set off on a journey to familiar and unfamiliar spaces! Stop by the flower series, and suddenly, you realize - how charming a world woven of emotions and sincerity can be! These flowers seem to give the fresh scent of a summer morning! And it seems that it will always be so. Flowers! And the charm from the very opportunity to live and love this natural perfection! So the artist was able to show how genuine and happy life itself can be. Therefore, she continues and creates the series. «Live»! «Under the sky».  Lilya Pozdnyakova inspires us to travel there that we have forgotten. And it makes us remember: how wonderful can be a feeling from nature itself, from what is just nearby, around! This is how Big Thoughts appears . Probably, yes, perhaps, I delve into myself too much, I think. Not that I’m looking for mistakes there, but a purpose, a desire for what to do, where to move on. How best to do something. I think that I am a positive person, but all these    reflections and even some sad images..