Kazakh Agency for Strategic Planning announces key directions of National Development Plan

As part of the National Development Plan, government bodies will switch to the new system before the end of the year, Chairperson of the Kazakh Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms Kairat Kelimbetov announced at a briefing. The National Development Plan through 2025 was approved by a Decree of the Head of State on March 9.

“The fundamental point of the state strategic planning system of Kazakhstan is the implementation of the tasks set by the country’s First President in the Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy. This is our long-term strategy, which outlines economic programs to achieve the main objective by 2050, namely, to bring Kazakhstan into the ranks of the world’s top 30 most developed countries. Medium-term strategies are being adopted in the development of this strategy. The National Development Plan is one of them,” said Kairat Kelimbetov, Chairperson Kazakh Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms.

Kelimbetov also noted that the ‘human-centeric’ approach is becoming the main principle of management. National projects will be adopted within the national development plan. Those that will be approved by the Government will be included in the three-year budget. The national plan consists of 10 priorities in three key areas such as well-being of citizens, quality of institutions and building of a strong economy.

“The National Development Plan of Kazakhstan until 2025 has been developed taking into account the new economic reality, based on the irreversible structural changes in all life spheres. The nationwide priority “Fair Social Policy” provides for the implementation of systemic measures aimed at promoting productive employment and ensuring social well-being. The nationwide priority “Affordable and effective healthcare system” envisions the development of a sustainable healthcare system concept that contributes to the improvement, maintenance and restoration of people's health,” added Asset Irgaliyev, Kazakh Minister of National Economy .