Kazakh artists’ works captivate Parisian audience

The vibrant and distinctive works of Kazakh artists made a splash at the Asia NOW Fair in Paris. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the unique textile artistry of the nomadic people. The exhibition, titled ‘The Fabric of Time: Three Generations of Kazakh Art’, enabled the audience to delve into the historical and cultural heritage of nomads. Furthermore, the felt yurt also captured the interest of visitors, who were captivated by the patterns and ornaments in the paintings, bearing a sacred meaning for the nomads.

“I came to Asia very curious to discover everything about Central Asian art, contemporary art which I know very little about. Of course, maybe you’ve seen the patterns, the yurt, all these things you kind of know and hear about but it was really great to see how all these artists are mixing the traditional and rediscovering the roots but also being very contemporary. It’s really great to see the felt, I saw it was a material that many of them used, and to see how they work on it,” said arts writer Naima Morelli.