Kazakh automotive exports soar by 84 percent in first quarter of 2021

Kazakhstan’s automotive industry is gaining momentum and breaking its own production records. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, around 20,000 cars, buses and special equipment with a total value of 140 billion tenge ($US325.5 million) were produced in the country. Experts underline that the export of domestically produced cars has also grown significantly. From January to March 2021, about 2,000 vehicles under the brand ‘Made in Kazakhstan’ were shipped abroad. 

The possibility of entering the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union encourages car manufacturers to increase the share of localization. This is one of the priority directions of automotive industry development.

“Just at the end of March, the Localization Center was launched in Kostanai. It will produce more than 1,200 items of components for agricultural machinery and motor vehicles. Also, in early April, Karagandy region began the construction of a tire manufacturing plant. The production facility will increase the level of localization of Kazakh automotive manufacturing and ensure import substitution of tires. It is planned to export 40 percent of the products. In addition, the construction of a cast iron factory in Kostanai is underway. It will produce axle cases, cylinder blocks and engine cylinder heads for trucks. About 6 percent of the products will be exported,” said spokespeople of the Association of Kazakhstan Automobile Business.