Kazakh capital attracts record-breaking investments in 2022

A 50-megawatt green energy facility may appear in the Kazakh capital, with a twofold increase in the capacity in the future. Investors from Italy are planning to build the wind power plant, as announced in the Astana Development Center. According to experts, a plant for the production of carbon fiber may also appear in Astana, as European investors express interest in its construction. In particular, German businesspeople are ready to invest about 80 million euros in the project. It bears noting that the volume of foreign investment in the Kazakh capital over the past three years has amounted to $3.9 billion. Last year, the volume of foreign direct investment doubled and reached $2.2 billion. The amount of investment in fixed assets also reached a record level of 1.5 trillion tenge last year. Overall, funding is now directed to such areas as construction, industry, logistics, as well as education and medicine, experts say.

“The monitoring system of our company has more than 150 projects worth about a trillion tenge, mainly put in place in the manufacturing industry and the social sphere with the construction of schools, kindergartens, hospitals and sports facilities. Logistics are also well developed. Private investment allows us to implement projects for the construction of about 30 schools - some of them have been commissioned, others will be launched this year. Until 2025, we are planning to open schools every year,” said Yerbol Kanafin, Deputy Chairperson of the Astana Development Center.