Kazakh capital decorated ahead of New Year celebration

Kazakh capital decorated ahead of New Year celebration

The Kazakh capital becomes bright with festive decorations and is looking all magical! There are New Year trees, garlands and other attributes of the festive season. Now, walking in the parks of Nur-Sultan, residents can not only glide down the ice slides, but also take pictures with the figures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. All the entertainment sights can be visited all the city just walking, local urbanists say, meaning that they made sure that each district of Nur-Sultan has its own winter-wonderland attractions for locals.

“The city square in the Saryarka region has already been decorated. We will do something on the Demalys Promenade this winter too. There will be a skating rink right on the street. We will also set up a light installation in the form of a labyrinth, a New Year tree, and a carriage. There is an ice town on the central promenade,” said Yelnar Bazyken, Head, Center for Urban Planning in Nur-Sultan.

There is also festive entertainment program for the little residents of the capital as well. A thematic winter project ‘Zootopia’ is opening in the Almaty district. Famous cartoon characters will come to life as small installations. Ice slides are another fun attribute of a winter holiday and luckily every park in Nur-Sultan has them.

“Unique slides were built in the Yessil district in cooperation with the Russian Slides business. They are located near the Keruen City shopping mall and the Duman entertainment center. In addition, wooden slides are being built near the Keruen shopping center, where residents will be able to spend their active winter holidays. It is already open,” opined Yelnar Bazyken.

And there’s much more than that. Good news awaits residents who love ice skating. In addition to slides, a new ice rink will appear in the central park. It is going to be located between the trees, which will be illuminated. The atmosphere is just magical. In addition, a unique ice slide was built there, where people can glide down between the garlands. These New Year entertainment events were made possible thanks to sponsors who funded most of the projects.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova