Kazakh CEC reports on register of voters

A voter register has been compiled in Kazakhstan. As of January 1, it included just over 11,970,000 people. They have already been pre-assigned to their permanent residence polling stations. The highest number of voters is in the Turkistan region, while the lowest is in the Ulytau region. The Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan announced this, explaining that each election campaign has its separate list of voters. It is prepared based on both register entries and citizens' applications to be included in the lists at their place of residence at the time of voting. This work is carried out by local executive bodies on the basis of the state database. The Central Election Commission also noted that voter lists should be submitted to polling stations 20 days prior to the election, on February 26. They should be available for viewing to all citizens starting from March 4. It bears noting that elections to the Mazhilis and Maslikhats of all levels will be held in Kazakhstan on March 19.