Kazakh Chief Sanitary Doctor signs new decree

Service workers in Kazakhstan were obliged to get vaccinated before July 15. Otherwise, they will be restricted from accessing their jobs. This was stated in a new decree of the country’s Chief State Sanitary Doctor. The list includes shopping and entertainment malls, catering facilities, theatres and cinemas, pharmacies, public service centers, second-tier banks, many other companies and enterprises.

“If an employee is not vaccinated, he or she will have to take a PCR test every week. Those who have permanent medical contraindications or have recovered from COVID-19 over the past three months do not need to get vaccinated against coronavirus,” stated the decree.

The quarantine will be tightened in Nur-Sultan for the third time due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation. Monitoring groups were switched to the strengthened round-the-clock mode of operation to control compliance with the quarantine measures.

The decree of the city’s Sanitary Doctor Sarkhat Beisenova will come into force on July 2, according to which, it is prohibited to hold mass events to the Capital Day. Starting July 4, the opening hours of catering facilities will be reduced, while the work of public transport will be suspended on Sundays.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova