Kazakh citizens to no longer be obliged to have driver’s license on them

Driver’s license and registration certificate will not be mandatory in Kazakhstan. The Senate of the Kazakh Parliament approved the corresponding bill on road traffic in two readings. The document was developed by a group of MPs in pursuance of instructions of President, taking into account the opinion of the members of the National Council of Public Trust. It will not only improve road traffic legislation, protect the rights and interests of citizens, society and the state, but also ensure the efficient and safe operation of vehicles.

 “The bill provides for the excluding from the current legislation of the rule obliging to carry a driver’s license and a vehicle registration certificate issued in Kazakhstan. If a driver is stopped by a police officer, he can only show his identity card, and on the basis of it, the police officer will be able to check all the necessary documents on the electronic database via a tablet,” said Nurlan Beknazarov, Member of Senate, Upper House of Kazakh Parliament.

It is also proposed to remove administrative liability for not carrying a driver’s license and vehicle registration certificate for drivers from the relevant Code. Thus, if the driver could have previously been fined for such an offence, the penalty will no longer be applicable.

 This rule will apply exclusively to Kazakh citizens and will not apply to foreign drivers and vehicles. It is obligatory for them to carry relevant documents, including driver’s license and registration certificate, members of the Senate underlined.