Kazakh coins participate in international contest

The Kazakh mint will compete in the international contest ‘Coin Constellation’. Domestic designers presented to the jury five unique coins of different series, such as treasures of the steppe or cult animals - totems of artists. Coins are dedicated to various memorable dates. 17 countries participate in the competition this year. Kazakhstan is among the jury’s favorites. In different years, Kazakh coins were recognized as the best. In total, the National Bank of Kazakhstan has been awarded 23 titles. Winners will be announced very soon. Experts bet on the national tint.

First of all, the coin is intended to enhance the country’s image, because through the coins we delegate our history and culture abroad. People from across the world are curious to see how we live, what we breathe, what traditions do we have in order to adopt something from us, and, perhaps, to support us. Therefore, coins are the image tool, but through victories in such competitions, we receive orders for the production of circulation coins of some countries, said Almat Bassenov, Chief of Banknote and Coin Design Department, National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Moreover, the regulatory agency announced great news for collectors. Experts reported that four more new collector’s coins will be released this month. Coin collectors are looking forward to this event.

Very interesting and long-awaited coins are planned to be released by the end of the month. For example, the coin to honor the 60th anniversary of the space flight of Belka and Strelka, two dogs, which were the first to actually orbit and return alive. The second long-awaited coin is dedicated to the high skating rink Medeu. The third coin features an image of torangy, which is the sacred tree, said Aizhan Masheyeva, Chief Economist, Banknote and Coin Design Department, National Bank of Kazakhstan.