Kazakh developers create indelible road marking

Kazakh developers have created an indelible road marking. According to specialists from the Kazakhstan Highway Research Institute, this innovation is well-suited for the country’s sharply continental climate, which significantly impacts the deformation of road surfaces. The innovative material is expected to have a prolonged service life owing to its heightened resistance to softening in humid conditions. Moreover, its sufficient elasticity and flexibility prevent cracking at low temperatures. This invention significantly outperforms existing road surfaces in key parameters such as cost efficiency and high traction between substances of different densities upon contact. The developers are confident that the unique road marking can substantially enhance the quality and safety of road traffic in Kazakhstan.

“Compared to its analogs, this material has higher hydro and thermal resistance due to increased elasticity and flexibility. Laboratory testing has been completed, with the material currently undergoing field trials in southern Kazakhstan. There are plans to expand testing to the northern regions as well. Once all procedures are successfully completed, and the effectiveness of the product is proven, it can be asserted that Kazakhstan has introduced a domestic material for road construction,” said Meiramgul Kabdygaliyeva, spokesperson for the Kazakhstan Road Research Institute.

Given the climate’s impact on road quality, the institute specialists have developed materials such as soil stabilizers, imbibition mixtures for concrete, and bitumen modifiers. It is important to note that they are predominantly produced from domestic raw materials.