Kazakh developers present innovative projects at ‘IT Fest-2023’

Kazakh IT products are conquering new markets. Digital developments, particularly online games created by domestic programmers, are gaining popularity not only in Kazakhstan but also abroad. It is noteworthy that IT specialists strive to preserve national authenticity in their projects.

“The name of my project is ‘Iz’, which means trace. In this game, the story unfolds around a girl named Bayan. The game itself is connected to the Kazakh national folklore and mythology. For instance, we have such characters as Zheztyrnak (a female evil character with copper nails) or Zhalmauyz Kempіr (a witch). The goal of our project is to share our mythology with the world,” said Aida Kuatkyzy, project co-author.

Participants in the ‘IT Fest’ forum, which is now taking place in the city of Astana, will be able both to showcase their products and to gain new knowledge in the field of information technology. The event is attended by startup developers, including Kazakh school and university students. Special masterclasses and training sessions are also set up for them.

“The participant demographics have expanded, including a great number of universities and different age groups involved in the event. This year, there have been presented a total of eight sections, along with a new one dedicated to cybersports and a new robotics technology, which covers entirely different tasks and challenges compared to previous years,” said Askar Khikmetov, Rector of the International IT University.