Kazakh doctors perform complex surgeries with aid of robotic assistant

A highly complex robot-assisted surgery was recently conducted in Kazakhstan for the first time. The National Scientific Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Astana is employing the US-made cyborg for this purpose. The replacement of knee and hip joints for patients with arthritis and arthrosis facing long queues is carried out using this automated system, which helps them to recover. The advanced technology eliminates human errors during surgical procedures and reduces the time required for the operation. The machine executes all commands with high precision.

“The distinctive feature of the robotic system is that, prior to each operation on a damaged knee or hip joint, specialists set all the necessary commands. During the surgery, the machine is incapable of making errors. Any deviation from the norm results in an automatic halt,” Zhumakhan Slamov, an orthopedic traumatologist, said.

“I have leg pain. The doctors consulted with me before the surgery, assured me that there’s no need to worry, and promised that everything would go well, even better. So, I agreed to be operated on by a robot,” Sulushash Ospanova, a patient, shared.