Kazakh film ‘Brothers’ to feature at international film festival in Germany

Kazakhstan’s film industry was replenished with a new movie. The debut feature film ‘Brothers’ by Kazakh filmmaker Darkhan Tulegenov was included in the program of the prestigious international film festival in Germany. It is one of the top Indie Film Fests in the world labelled ‘the European Sundance’. It aims at supporting the creative works of independent filmmakers globally. According to the Kazakh filmmaker, he used to create short movies so far. And they were recognized by the global film industry, having been awarded several times in international festivals held in Russia, Monaco, Austria, Egypt, Indonesia, Romania, Canada, U.S., Germany and France. As regards the movie ‘Brothers’, the author tells that he spontaneously came up with the idea to shoot it.

“This movie tells about brotherly relationship and love. And the main objective was to make people who don’t know each other at all find out about the blood ties between them. It’s about two lonely people, who got to know about their blood ties and the relationship stronger than love. The story of the main character starts with the scene when he leaves the orphanage and strives to find his father. On his way, he learns that his father had several wives. He finds out about a son from another family, that is his brother, and he wants to meet and get on with him, in order to search for their father together,” Darkhan Tulegenov described.

Following the Indie Film Festival, the Kazakh movie ‘Brothers’ will be screened at film festivals in Albania and Russia.