Kazakh film industry changes course of development

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev urged to focus on the popularization of historical and cultural heritage. Primarily, the instruction concerns the film industry - it is the professionals in this field that must make more historical films with the help of the state order. In his article, the Head of State highlighted that such movies are interesting to the viewer, and film producers have much room since there are many events that happened in the country, which could become the basis for writing new scripts. At the same time, President Tokayev said that instead of being interested in large-scale festivals or other major projects, it is necessary to focus on simple and comprehensible works for children and youth. The idea was supported by directors of the Khabar Agency. Murat Yeszhan is among them, he recently presented a new TV series called ‘The Path of Abai’. He said that nowadays it is important to do film productions in a new way - not only to keep the viewers interested, but also to make important events in the nation’s history stick in the mind of the people.

“To be honest, our history and our literature are far from being fully covered by cinema, many events are unknown at all to a wide audience, and no films have been made about many unique and interesting historical moments. The initiative of our President is therefore, of course, very timely. In particular, it is what the present day requires. Our task is to convey a new vision of historical events, show our views on them, to discover a new direction of cinema, new methods,” said filmmaker Murat Yeszhan.