Kazakh government affirms sufficient supply of grain crops

Kazakhstan is planning to harvest over 20 million tonnes of grain this year, which is a quarter more compared to 2021. The preliminary results of the country's harvesting campaign were announced by the Government. According to the Kazakh Minister of Agriculture Yerbol Karashukeyev, the country’s total harvested area made up almost 23.5 million hectares, over 16 million of which are grain crops. Karashukeyev noted that favorable weather conditions made it possible to carry out the bulk of the harvesting campaign in the country without delay. To date, cereals, leguminous crops accounted for over 96 percent of the total harvested area. Overall, 12.6 million hectares of wheat, 1.4 million of oilseeds, over 149,000 of vegetable crops and 164,500 hectares of potatoes have been harvested.

“Wheat harvesting has been completed in the Aktobe, East Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Zhetisu, West Kazakhstan, Karagandy, Kyzylorda, Turkistan regions and Shymkent city. In other regions, the harvesting campaign almost finished. In total, licensed grain-receiving enterprises received 4.2 million tonnes of grain, which is 2.2 times more compared to the same period in 2021. It is a remarkable fact that grain of the new harvest is of high quality. As such, 85.8 percent out of the total amount of wheat handed over to licensed grain-receiving enterprises are classified as 1-3 varieties,” said Karashukeyev.