Kazakh government identifies priority areas for IT sector development

Kazakhstan is becoming a major regional player in the IT sector. Silkroad Innovation Hub will soon open a representative office in the country, focusing on supporting and promoting startups from Central Asian countries and Turkic states. Additionally, the implementation of the Digital Nomad visa project will attract IT specialists to the country, as announced by Kazakh Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin at the Government’s meeting. According to him, the industry’s progress is evidenced by the figures. Thus, last year, IT services exports increased fivefold, totaling $334 million, with about half of this revenue generated by Astana Hub participants. The international technopark is currently the only partner of the Google for Startups program in the region. Moreover, legislative novelties will be developed to promote venture capital investment and remove restrictions in the industry. In Kazakhstan, there are currently 16,000 IT companies employing over 180,000 people in the sector. For those wishing to pursue a career in the digital sphere, the opportunity to study in advanced public schools under a voucher system is being considered. Additionally, the training of domestic IT teachers in cooperation with international partners will start in December.

“It is necessary to create IT-hubs in every region, drawing from the experiences of Almaty and the Karagandy region. Local authorities should ensure the development of human capital. To this end, it is important to establish IT schools dedicated to training and retraining programmers, designers, engineers, and other professionals in this field. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education should work on creating a more flexible IT training program that can stay current with global trends. It is also necessary to facilitate student and experience exchange programs, along with internships with top universities,” said Kazakh Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov.   

 Kazakhstan's economy grows 4.9% in first eight months of 2023

The discussion also covered the main indicators of economic growth. In eight months, the domestic economy grew by approximately five percent. Overall, the government recorded positive dynamics in all major industries. Investment in fixed assets has increased by 12 percent. Kazakhstan’s foreign trade turnover has reached $79.5 billion over the period from January to July, with almost half of the sum accounting for exports. Supplies of processed products in monetary terms exceeded $14 billion.