Kazakh government to draft 34 new bills in 2023

Laws in the field of consumer rights protection, mass media, and aquaculture are to be redrafted next year. The Kazakh government has approved the new Draft Plan Legislative Work for 2023. It includes 34 documents. It is planned to submit 15 of them for review to the Parliament in the first half of the year and 19 others in the second half. According to Kazakh Minister of Justice Kanat Mussin, this work is aimed at implementing the tasks outlined by the President.

“The preparation of the Urban Development Code and the Budget Code, the draft laws on subsoil use, public-private partnership, migration, public procurement, and taxation, along with the improvement of administrative justice, criminal procedural and administrative legislation arise from the National Action Plan for implementation of the state-of-the-nation address delivered by the President on  September 1, 2022,” Mussin said.