Kazakh government to oblige residents to receive COVID-19 vaccines

Mandatory vaccination is within the law. Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Justice explained that the vaccination against coronavirus is not contrary to the country’s Constitution. In fact, the Healthcare Code contains a paragraph on the prevention of the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, and preventive vaccines are one of the epidemic control measures.

Thus, residents of Kazakhstan who do not have medical contraindications must be fully vaccinated against various infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

“First of all, we should start with the fact that the government has the right to set preventive measures, to set restrictive measures in accordance with the Constitution. This is done in order to protect the constitutional structure and order in case of a threat to the national security, community, health. The spread of COVID-19 poses a threat to the population and its health. Therefore, a compulsory preventive vaccination is introduced, which is fully consistent with the Code on Public Health and Healthcare System and is aimed at developing herd immunity,” said Natalia Pan, Kazakh vice Minister of Justice.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova