Kazakh Health Ministry to develop rural healthcare

Development of rural healthcare is a priority, Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy stated at a meeting with doctors. According to him, the improvement of medicine in villages must be approached systematically, from personnel policy to the modernization of equipment and the availability of services. Among the key problems voiced by the minister were the lack of equipment in medical institutions, a shortage of profile specialists and patients waiting in long queues. In order to address these and other pressing issues, the Ministry of Health approved a special action plan. It is designed for the next five years. Within its framework, a number of tasks are envisaged to improve the quality of medical services in rural areas.

“Rural areas, especially most remotely located rural districts, are the most vulnerable. Today, we face the task of improving the structure and bringing medical care, namely narrow specialized care, and primary healthcare closer to people’s place of residence. This includes the improvement and provision of social assistance, medical assistance, psychological assistance, and rehabilitation right on the spot, especially for those residents, who have suffered COVID-19 this year,” said Zhamilya Abeuova, Director of the Yenbekshikazakh Multidiscipline Inter-District Hospital in Almaty region.