Kazakh language to be taught at Oxford

Starting next academic year, the Kazakh language will be taught at Oxford University. It is expected that it will be integrated into the curriculum of the world’s leading university as an additional subject. During a conversation with Kazakh Minister of Science and Higher Education Sayasat Nurbek, it was noted that a corresponding agreement was signed for that purpose. The university plans to strengthen the study of Turkic languages.

“They started teaching the Turkish and Azeri, Azerbaijani languages, as part of Turkic languages they couldn’t miss the Kazakh language. We signed an agreement with Wolfson College of Oxford University, so the Kazakh language will be taught as part of their official curricula for graduate, postgraduate, PhD students and research fellows. We will have just minimum time to prepare the curriculum, and we use the Bolashak scholarship program to send our scholars to do an internship. Thus, it’s an excellent opportunity, our scholars will be teaching Kazakh and also doing a research fellowship at Oxford University,” said Nurbek.

This year, Kazakhstan plans to open branches of several foreign universities. In 2023, representative offices of eight leading universities have already been established in the country. Thus, Kazakhstan is set to become a major academic hub.

“Last week we were able to sign an agreement with Queen’s University, that will be the first of the Russell Group, top elite British university to come to Kazakhstan this year. The real big opening will be for City University of Hong Kong in Almaty. They signed an agreement with Satpayev University last year. Another good news is that a branch of the famous Mendeleev Russian University of Chemical Technology will be opening in Taraz,” added Nurbek.