Kazakh-made mobile app taps into international market

Another Kazakh development taps into the international market. A mobile application invented by a young entrepreneur from Almaty Baglan Olzhabayev and his team has attracted interest in the United States. According to the project managers, their online platform is intended for both car owners and auto technicians. The platform allows to quickly solve any unforeseen situations on the road. For example, change a flat tire, call a tow truck or an electromechanical technician.

“Now there is a lot of work to achieve our goals. We have to start our business and launch this product before the end of August. It’s all being prepared. We’ll start from California or Texas. However, we’re focusing on Los Angeles,” the app developer said.

The team has been working on the application for three years from 2017 to 2020. They plan to add some more new features to it. One of them is real-time video consultations. Car owners will be able to repair their vehicles on the track, relying on the tips of the masters, of course, if it’s not a complicated breakdown.

“When you click on the mobile application, you see stories at the top of the main page. All you need to do is to click on the story, take a picture, shoot a video for 30 seconds, and send it to our masters. They will tell you for how long they will do it for you. Below there are icons in order to call a master wherever you are. A simple user, for example, I am not a master, but I can earn money through the mobile application. I can deliver gasoline, charge the battery, I can be a sober driver, I can be a car concierge. If I have transport, I can become a courier. If I have a tow truck, I can do towing,” Olzhabayev added.

It should be noted that today 6,000 car owners and 800 service station masters are active users of the mobile application.