Kazakh Mazhilis approves amendments to bill on Customs Union free economic zones

Today the Mazhilis, a Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament, has ratified amendments to the Customs Union agreement on free economic zones. It is worth noting that the leaders of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) countries signed the related protocol in Moscow in autumn 2021. The document envisages the introduction of legal and editorial changes, including the harmonization of basic terminology and customs regulation issues in accordance with the norms of the EAEU Customs Code.

“Previously, there was no guidance on where and how to publish information regarding the registration of residents in special economic zones. However, the new law now clearly stipulates that this information must be published on the official website of the Union, indicating the state where they are registered.  In addition, the website provides a reference to the regulation of the free customs zone procedure, specifically the Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Union's agreement on dispute resolution,” said Marat Karabayev, Kazakh Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development.

Additionally, the Mazhilis has ratified the agreement on cooperation among CIS member states to prevent and combat the use of counterfeit trademarks and geographical indications. The document provides for timely identification and prevention of manufacturing and sale of products under someone else’s brands, including across the borders of the CIS countries. This will enable the member states to join forces to protect the intellectual property rights of businesses.