Kazakh passengers receive assistance abroad

Kazakh tourists who couldn’t fly home are provided with comfortable conditions. Currently, Kazakhs living in Turkey are providing assistance to passengers stuck at the airport. They bring food to their fellow countrymen and offer shelter. Ravil Arystanbekov arrived in Istanbul a few days ago, but now he cannot go back to Kazakhstan.

“We were picked up from the airport, given food and provided with shelter,” said Ravil Arystanbekov, a citizen of Kazakhstan.

“In a situation like this, we, as Kazakhs, must maintain unity no matter where we are. We are ready to do everything for our fellow countrymen,” said Zhanymkhan Zhanaltai, a compatriot.

“As I learned that our citizens were stuck at two airports and hundreds of passengers couldn’t board their flight, I immediately went to help them,” said Timur Aubakirov, a volunteer.

At present, more than a thousand Kazakh citizens remain in Turkey without the possibility of flying home. The Kazakh Embassy and the Consulate General have established a special headquarters and provide information support to passengers. Yesterday, the previous influx of delayed tourists safely departed to Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, about 170 Kazakh citizens are stuck at Russian airports. According to Kazakh Ambassador to Russia Yermek Kosherbayev, everything possible is being done to help citizens return to their hometowns. Airlines are now giving advance warning of flight delays. People are also advised to return tickets or change departure dates. Passengers are also assisted by a specially created support team.

“Our very last hope was to go to Samara or Omsk and cross the border by bus. But in the end, we were helped by the good people, ordinary Kazakh and Kyrgyz people who live in Moscow. They found out about us, added us to the groups, raised money and provided all the assistance, including accommodation and food. They did not remain indifferent. I want to thank them for everything,” said Aisholpan Amanbek, a citizen of Kazakhstan.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova