Kazakh Pavilion surprises visitors with developments at Innoprom exhibition

The Innoprom Kazakhstan 2023 exhibition continues in the city of Astana. It should be noted that over 300 companies from the CIS countries take part in it presenting their best developments. The range of application spheres of their products varies from small aviation, artificial intelligence, and medicine to transport, logistics and infrastructure projects. Among them is a plant for the production of railroad tracks, which is planned to be launched in West Kazakhstan in 2025. It will produce 800-meter-long jointless rails, which will gradually upgrade the country’s entire railway system.

“These jointless, seamless railway tracks will allow for higher speeds for both passenger and freight trains. Kazakhstan, located between East and West, is utilizing this potential, thereafter, our high-speed transport lines will allow us to transport goods from East to West faster. We want to tap into the CIS markets, our potential customers are Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. Russia is also planning to enter and develop these markets,” said Yelnur Beisembayev, director of rail production enterprise.

Sections of the Kazakh pavilion carry on surprising guests of the exhibition. Special attention was paid to the robot dog presented by Kazakhstan Engineering National Company. The robotic watchdog is manufactured in China but is fully equipped with domestic technologies. It can serve as a guard, make an analysis of an area, search for missing people and even make deliveries. The drones that are planned to be purchased by the Kazakh Ministry for Emergency Situations for eliminating fires in the country caught the attention as well.  

“We are working on the first deliveries with the Kazakh Ministry for Emergency Situations, specifically with the Fire Service Committee. To date, we have an order for nearly 80 units of unmanned aerial vehicles, which will be delivered by the end of this year. Its uniqueness is that this unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of flying for up to four hours, accordingly, it is possible to monitor a huge territory and vast hectares at a time. We have partners both in China and the Czech Republic, as well as our own developments. Besides, we have our own research development center and engineers, and we are ready to cover the country’s needs,” noted Artur Mosendz, director of the Civil Production and Sales Department at the Kazakhstan Engineering National Company.