Kazakh premieres at Bastau International Film Festival

The 10th International Student and Debut Film Festival ‘Bastau’ kicks off in Almaty on November 29. About 60 films made in more than 40 countries will be screened there. Filmmakers from Japan, Australia, the Netherlands, Palestine, the UK, Colombia, Israel and Germany are among the competitors. The Kazakh film section will screen Askar Uzabayev’s movie ‘Baqyt’ about domestic violence. The film ‘Ademoka’s Education’ by Adilkhan Yerzhanov and the Kazakh-Russian collaborative film ‘Tarlan’ will also be presented. The first movie tells the story of a gypsy girl who tries to change her destiny imposed by her tribe. The second film tells the touching story of a friendship between a boy, Zakir, and a foal named Tarlan. Besides that, Kazakhstan is represented by Eldar Shibanov's debut film, ‘Mountain Onion’, which will take part in the feature-length film competition of the festival.

“This is a story about 11-year-old Dzhabai, who sells mountain onions on the highway on his way to China. The film is expected to bring us the feeling of dreaminess and joy in our difficult times,” Shibanov shared.

In addition, Victor Vilkovsky’s popular science film ‘The Return of the Sea’ is participating in the documentary competition. This movie tells the audience a lot of new things about the Aral Sea. The event will be concluded with Madi Balzhanov’s debut full-length romantic comedy ‘Milky Girl’. It is worth pointing out that the 10th Bastau International Film Festival will run until December 3.