Kazakh President approves nationwide priorities for Kazakhstan until 2025

The population’s real money incomes will increase by almost 30 percent by 2025. This is just one task from a whole list of nationwide priorities of Kazakhstan approved by Kazakh President the day before. The document, which is a new tool of the state planning system, contains ten specific tasks in three key areas: well-being of citizens, quality of institutions, and building of a strong economy.

Thus, within the framework of the priority “Building a diversified and innovative economy”, it is planned to bring the gross value added of the non-resource sector of the economy to more than 89 trillion tenge, and of the manufacturing industry - to more than 15 trillion tenge. The document also notes that the country aims to rank at least 70th in terms of “Innovation potential” in the Global Competitiveness Index by the World Economic Forum. According to the priority “Balanced territorial development” it is planned to increase the level of population’s satisfaction with the quality of work of local executive bodies to 80 percent.