Presidential election polls close across Kazakhstan

Presidential election polls close across Kazakhstan

Presidential election is over across Kazakhstan. Voting abroad is still underway; however political scientists and foreign media representatives are already assessing the changes launched by the electoral process.

Today Kazakhstan is in the spotlight of the entire world community. Experts share their views about the electoral process on various information platforms. All of them agree on one thing - this election is an important step for the country towards large-scale transformation.

The electoral process is under the close attention of the international media. Murat Sofuoglu, a journalist from Turkey, is one of those who came to Kazakhstan to cover the presidential election held in the country.

“As far as I interviewed many people, they were officials or experts on political issues. I observed that people kind of hungry about the political reform. I think that Kazakhstan is moving toward another direction, where you know, more people, the ordinary people and many other citizens can be part of the Kazakh political decision making. Also, they can receive their own fair distribution of Kazakh sources, Kazakh income. That`s why, this election might bring and carry Kazakhstan into this new direction,” Sofuoglu said.

The presidential election is an example of democratic development of the country. The electoral process empowers civil society to control authorities, opined Askar Nursha, advisor to the director of the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies. According to him, this event proves that the voice of the people is important to the country, and their wishes can be heard. The expert stressed the significance of political changes, since the next President must contribute to the improvement of the social and economic well-being of the population.

“This election will make the power move to the next level. There are several candidates, each with his or her own manifesto and vision for the development of the state. We have two female candidates in this election. And here the question is can society support a woman and see her as a leader as a whole? There are representatives of different segments of the population as well, with different political and social experiences. The candidate who presents the best manifesto will deserve to win,” Nursha noted.