Kazakh Prime Minister on Government’s new objectives for 2023

The Kazakh Government has set tasks for 2023, such as economic growth at four percent, a twofold decrease in the inflation rate, and the attraction of foreign direct investment of over US$24 billion. The country’s Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov announced this at the first cabinet meeting of this year. According to him, overall coordination of the work of the central and local executive bodies, as well as structural changes, will be strengthened. Also, more than 500 functions of the Government are being transferred to the ministries and governors’ offices. This implies ministers’ autonomy will be increased, and all current industry challenges will be handled by their orders. Besides, after reorganization, the Ministry of Industry is faced with new tasks, since some of its functions were transferred from the Ministry of Ecology. The office will have to attract investment in mineral resource development and complete the commissioning of the integrated geological information database, Smailov said.