Kazakh school student creates organic food startup

A Kazakh schoolboy developed an organic food startup. 15-year-old Adam Mikhalkov's small enterprise produces the perfect snacks for those taking good care of their health. These are dried apples, pears, bananas, and sweet pastille. His products are in demand, as they are completely natural. The entrepreneur from Kostanai plans to replenish the assortment with vegetable chips in the near future. For now, Mikhalkov sells his products on the Internet. However, he is currently in negotiations with the management team of one of the health food stores.

«At home, I have a machine that manufactures products. It is called a dehydrator. I also have a fruit and vegetable slicer and small appliances such as knives, chopping boards, and corers. Drying takes 12 hours and then there is packaging and selling. To be honest, some of the guys told me that it would be better if I produced regular chips, but those in my circle of friends always support me and help me in all my endeavors,» Mikhalkov said.

The young entrepreneur was encouraged to open his production facility after winning a startup competition organized by a public foundation with the support of the Public Development Department of the governor’s office of the Kostanai region. Mikhalkov used the money he won to buy necessary equipment.

«The main idea was to attract as many ambitious young people as possible, that is, those who seek self-realization and want to launch their own startups that will benefit the society,» Abylai-Khan Kakenov, Deputy Head of the Internal Policy Department of Kostanai region, said.