Kazakh school students win awards at World Robotics Championship

Kazakh school students won three awards at a championship in robotics hosted by FIRST, a global community that prepares young people for a STEM future. The competition in Houston, the U.S., brought together 36,000 schoolchildren from 110 countries. Around 50 young inventors represented Kazakhstan. A project of Almaty school students was recognized as one of the best among all the presented innovative projects and technical developments. The team won the Core Values Award for extraordinary enthusiasm, spirit and mutual respect in the youngest age category from 6 to 10 years. Another team in the middle age category from 10 to 16 years received the Robot Design Award for the creation of a highly durable and efficient robot capable of performing complex operations. The Motivate Award Finalist was given to the team of Almaty school students in the senior age category from 12 to 18 years. The national team was compiled at the Central Asia FIRST Championship 2023 taken place with the support of the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports.