Kazakh scientist develops technology for disease prevention

Kazakh scientist develops technology for disease prevention

Diagnosis of the body’s immune system based on the numeric indicators of a general blood test - Kazakh scientist invented a special technology for preventing diseases. All the detailed information about the health status of people can be obtained by complex mathematical processing, since everything is based on the basic foundations of evidence-based medicine, the scientist said.

“Basically, with this technology, the health status of Kazakh residents can be fully determined within a few weeks. This method will also help identify those who need treatment or examination, as well as those who are completely healthy. It will also help to control how the treatment process is going on,” said surgeon Nurlybek Uderbayev.

A scientist has already patented this system and officially registered the copyright. He even created a special website where a person can get a complete report on his body`s condition, the so-called biological portrait. Thus, everyone can find out whether they have a risk for certain diseases in the future.

“We make a scan to look at the biological portrait of a specific person. And on its basis, we make a decision about what approaches can be applied for his treatment,” added oncologist Igor Ponomaryov.

So far, this unique technology is used only in one clinic in the Kazakh capital. However, in the near future, doctors plan to introduce it to other medical organizations across the country. The project author claims that it is possible to study the immune system of the entire state`s population within only a few days.