Kazakh scientists develop AI-based e-nose

Kazakh scientists are currently developing an electronic nose (e-nose) that will help monitor the state of the environment. This innovative invention will facilitate the assessment of air quality and pollution levels in specific areas. The project’s authors anticipate that this rapid assessment capability will replace some costly and time-consuming laboratory research. They highlight that the first laboratory experiments with this modern device, suitable for use both at home and in enterprise premises, have been successfully completed.

“The primary concept behind the e-nose is to detect odors that are harmful to human health. As you probably know, many laboratories contain vapors from various harmful substances, such as petrochemicals. At present, we are training the artificial olfactory system and running tests in our laboratory,” said project researcher Tolegen Aidynuly.

The main feature of the multidisciplinary project is artificial intelligence. Therefore, neural networks and machine learning algorithms are utilized for its implementation. Scientists note that domestic development will be significantly more cost-effective than foreign counterparts. The project authors are currently conducting preparatory work to launch industrial production of the device.

“We plan to submit the project for commercialization, focusing on one or two specific directions based on potential customer interest. We will showcase our fully assembled device at exhibitions, demonstrating its capabilities and application areas. The unique feature of our multi-purpose electronic nose is its versatility; it can be retrained for various tasks and is not calibrated. It simply detects gases like traditional gas analysers,” said Dina Satybaldina, Director of the Research Institute of Information Security and Cryptology at the Gumilyov Eurasian National University. 

It is worth noting that the device can be used in various fields, spanning from monitoring the environmental situation to assessing product quality or overseeing human health.