Kazakh scientists develop phyto probiotics for animals and birds

Kazakh scientists have developed organic feed additives for animals and birds. Their properties substantially increase the productivity of fauna representatives and improve meat quality due to natural components. After conducting initial testing of their phytoproduct on Saanen breed goats, the developers observed a 35 percent increase in milk production with significantly enhanced quality. Following the research, the scientists managed to commercialize their project. With support from the Science Fund, they received a grant of 169 million tenge, which was used to buy equipment and establish three workshops for the production of these unique feed additives.

“We not only produce feed additives for animals but also feed enriched with these additives. We have started producing extruded feed and feed additives for poultry. Also, we plan to develop extruded feeds enriched with our additives for valuable fish species in the future,” said Yuri Baldzhi, PhD Candidate in Veterinary Sciences and professor.  

The researchers are currently engaged in the scientific development of new feed additives from potato and mushroom waste. They are successfully conducting initial experiments. Their forward-looking plans include expanding their product line and exploring new market opportunities. These phytoproducts are already in high demand among farmers and owners of local farms and homesteads.

“The additives primarily consist of plant extracts. We collect the raw materials, process them, and then incorporate them into extruded feed to enrich it. Thus, we produce phytopharmaceuticals, currently known as phytobiotics or phytogenic feed additives. These medicines, close to organic products, can serve as alternatives to antibiotics and have no negative impact on human health,” Baldzhi added.