Kazakh scientists introduce innovative corrosion protection method for metals

Kazakh scientists have developed a new corrosion protection method for metals. The galvanic coating technology, significantly increasing the lifespan of manufactured products, was proposed by specialists of the scientific and production center at Almaty-based Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. There is a growing demand for this electrochemical protection method in the country, experts note. Thus, one of the machine-building plants for the production of railway automation has already shown interest in adopting this technology.

“They needed anti-corrosion coatings meeting international standards. The center also plans to develop technologies tailored to customers’ needs for obtaining and applying coatings that protect against various aggressive environments and have decorative properties. Unfortunately, in Kazakhstan, there is a shortage of specialists, along with a lack of production areas, centers, workshops, and plants in this field,” said Alina Galeyeva, head of the research and production center.

The center also produces conventional and specialized coatings for the souvenir and jewelry industries. Future plans involve the manufacturing of other chemical protective insulation for various purposes and applications.

“We plan to expand the range of coatings we produce. Currently, we can manufacture conventional coatings that exist globally. These include metallic coatings such as copper, nickel, silver, zinc, gold, and others. Also, specific coatings such as heat-resistant alloys or magnet coatings,” Galeyeva added.