Kazakh Senate approves law aimed at increasing non-primary exports

Removing trade barriers at the Eurasian Economic Union borders - the Senate members have ratified an Agreement defining the procedure and conditions for the removal of technical barriers in the mutual trade of the EAEU member states with third countries. This applies to those products that are subject to technical regulations, 52 of which have been adopted, 45 entered into force, and the remaining ones are expected to be approved by 2025. It should be noted that the trade turnover of non-primary goods between Kazakhstan and third countries amounted to about US$49 billion last year, which is 33.5 percent more than in 2021. Moreover, non-primary exports surged by almost a quarter. Domestic goods are mainly sold to China, Uzbekistan, Turkey and the Netherlands. In the future, the share of exports to foreign markets may increase by 10 percent due to the ratification of the Agreement.

“The adoption of the Agreement will create conditions for mutual recognition of conformity assessment results based on the determination of comparability of mandatory requirements established in the EAEU and in the territory of a third country. The Agreement also envisages ensuring the equivalence of the accreditation procedures of conformity assessment bodies applied in the member states and in a third country. The proposed approach is aimed at promoting products,” said Serik Zhumangarin, Kazakh Minister of Trade and Integration.