Kazakh startups enter global markets

Kazakh startups enter global markets

A convenient solution for parents - young Kazakh entrepreneurs have created an online service on transportation of children literally ‘from door to door’. A unique platform is a startup idea by Nazarbayev University students. It includes 35 software packages, including a smart routing system. It allows transporting minors by road safely and fast. 

“The concept of our project is also a carpooling system, which is the group transportation of children. In this way it makes the service itself very cheap, compact and convenient, including for female drivers, who do not know how to get to a place and so on. For them the route will be built by logisticians through the maintenance program.  It’s a brand new market, and it’s a brand new hypotheses and algorithms that run an entire program system,” said Olzhas Zhakupov, Head of Communications of Startup Project.

 The project took part in the NURIS eight-week business acceleration support program at Astana Business Campus. It is the Technopark of the Nazarbayev University. For five years now, talented Kazakh minds are being helped there to transform ideas into real businesses, and even more, to enter foreign markets with their own competitive product. That’s exactly what happened to this startup. In the near future, the young entrepreneurs are planning to open branches in the UAE, the UK and Russia. And the next startup project has an equally ambitious task to enter the Indian market. The creators of the student recruiting platform have also completed a business acceleration program and are already observing high demand for their product.

“Now any student who wants to study abroad can visit our portal and book an education abroad, a hostel and all other services that are available only on certain websites without any extra problems. There are only two similar projects, that’s us and one project in the U.S,” said Lyazzat Zhanbirova, Head of Web Portal Development.

For five year, two times a year, at NURIS, novice entrepreneurs are taught unique skills to develop their startup in the shortest possible time. The program includes the search for innovative design and technological opportunities, daily meetings with successful bussinesspeople, expansion of networks and scaling of services. Over the years, more than 100 participants have undergone special training, and over 70 business ideas have come to life.



Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova