Kazakh tourism entrepreneurs receive state support of over 480 million tenge

To date, the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Sports has already approved about 30 applications for partial reimbursement of costs totaling 480 million tenge within the framework of state support for Kazakh entrepreneurs working in the tourism sector. It is worth mentioning that seven new measures of state support for tourism business people, including partial payments for certain costs, have come into force in Kazakhstan since 2022. Thus, reimbursement in the amount of 10 percent is provided for the construction and renovation of tourist facilities as well as for the construction of roadside hotels, gas stations, or cafes. Compensation of a quarter of costs is offered for the purchase of tourist buses and equipment for ski resorts. It bears noting that the number of tourism entrepreneurs wishing to receive state support has been growing during the implementation of the reimbursement program, according to the ministry.