Kazakh writer Dulat Issabekov. "Turmoil” novel’s

Dulat Issabekov is a special name in our contemporary classic literature. It is a person who has greatly contributed to the development and prosperity of Kazakh dramatic art. Issabekov is a laureate of a State prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of “Kurmet” order and platinum “Tarlan” award, international PEN club laureate.

Dulat Issabekov is a genuine classic. For more than 50 years his works bring joy to the readers. He is known as a writer and a playwright in Kazakhstan and abroad. His works are being actively promoted and are popular in many different countries. Issabekov’s plays are successfully staged: “The festival of song-birds” in Saint-Petersburg, “Two encounters in the old house” in Omsk, “The elder sister” in Dushanbe, “The Heirs” in a Korean theatre; some of his plays are also staged in Lermontov theatre in Almaty. During his business trip to London, the writer initiated a creation of writers’ association for world without war.