Kazakhs living in UK celebrate Nauryz holiday

Kazakhs living in UK celebrate Nauryz holiday

Nauryz in keeping with the best traditions! Kazakh nationals living outside their historic homeland are very particular about the celebration of the main holiday of the year. On the eve of the spring equinox, they cook traditional dishes of national cuisine.

This year, a resident of London Badiga Savash decided to cook perhaps the most important dish of the holiday – Nauryz kozhe. It is very difficult to find horse meat in the UK, and even more so kazy or karta, which is why Badiga adds goat meat, popular among the British, six different cereals, and kurt brought from Kyrgyzstan, to her kozhe.

“It turns out that it is easy to cook Nauryz kozhe. I used to think that this dish is hard to make. I was wrong. Now I will cook Nauryz kozhe every year. The dish was excellent. The guests really enjoyed it,” said Badiga Savash, a resident of London.

“All our compatriots are welcome here. And, of course, being far from the Motherland, we miss them very much. Besides, we miss strongly our national dishes,” said Bagdat Duskinova, a resident of London.

The Savash family moved from Kazakhstan to Turkey and then to the UK quite a while ago. They have lived in London for almost 40 years. The father of the family, Abdisalim Savash, is the chairperson of the local Kazakh diaspora. According to him, about 40 Kazakh families live in the British capital. They always try to celebrate state, national and religious holidays together, such as Independence Day, Nauryz and Eid.



Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova