Kazakhstan and Hungary develop bilateral relations

Kazakhstan and Hungary develop bilateral relations

Over 13,000 tourists from Hungary have travelled to Kazakhstan over the past five years. More than 22,000 Kazakh citizens have visited the sights of Hungary during the same period. Experts predict that these figures will only increase year by year. Kazakhstan and Hungary were the first to mutually recognize national vaccine passports. Since September, the countries have resumed mutual regular flights. Recently, journalists and representatives of Hungarian travel agencies were among the travelers who came from Budapest to Nur-Sultan. Foreign guests met with their Kazakh counterparts and visited a number of cultural sites and attractions of the capital, noting the great tourism potential of the country's main city.

“We came here with a group of journalists in order to attract more Hungarian tourists to Kazakhstan in the future. We really liked that the city is modern and continues to develop. The EXPO site is simply beyond praise. I think the potential is enormous, there is still room for improvement, but the level is pretty high now,” said Natalya Kapustina, Hungarian travel agency spokesperson.

The potential for developing bilateral partnerships between the two countries is vast, both in the area of trade and economic cooperation and investments. Since 2005, the volume of foreign direct investment from Hungary to Kazakhstan has amounted to more than US$258 million. To date, there are 28 companies with Hungarian capital and 41 joint ventures operating in Kazakhstan. The parties have already signed agreements on the implementation of joint projects in the fields of medical tourism, agriculture, renewable energy, transport, logistics and finance.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova