Kazakhstan and Spain: New round of business cooperation

The most attractive fields for Spanish business in Kazakhstan are agriculture, energy, urban infrastructure and medicine. In the next five years, a number of new joint projects in these sectors can be launched in the country. Several Spanish technology companies are ready to share their experience. They are also interested in investing in Kazakhstan. This was reported today at a meeting of the Kazakh-Spanish Business Council in Astana.

“Spain invested $20.7 million last year. Now we would like to attract Spanish investments mainly in the production and storage of pharmaceuticals, fruits and vegetables, as well as high tech. In total, our trade turnover increased by 41.7 percent to $2.6 billion last year. Exports accounted for the biggest share of just over $2.5 billion, while imports totaled $262 million,” said Kairat Torebayev, Kazakh Vice Minister of Trade and Integration.

Spain can also help Kazakhstan develop new high-tech industries in purification and conservation of water resources, for example. Almost all tap water in this country is considered safe to date. What’s more, Spanish specialists have vast experience in the processing of household and industrial solid waste.

“Kazakhstan attracts a wide range of companies from Spain, as the country’s economic model and the model of industrial production have been well established. This indicates that a lot of preparatory work has been done to put the projects into action together with our colleagues from Kazakhstan,” noted Egor Zhunyaev, Vice President of the Kazakh-Spanish project office.