Kazakhstan boosts social entrepreneurship

Kazakhstan boosts social entrepreneurship

More and more people in Kazakhstan prefer social entrepreneurship. Products made by experts in this industry are of high quality and strike a chord with even the most discerning customer. The owner of one of the capital’s social workshops Emin Askerov believes so. The entrepreneur began to run business in 2015, and now 53 employees from socially vulnerable groups of citizens work under his leadership. Among them are single mothers, children from orphanages, people with disabilities and those released from places of deprivation of liberty.

“It is a kind of production cluster now. This is a carpentry, sewing, welding, printing shop. We started to open in the regions from last year. We opened the first branch in Pavlodar, now we are going to open a workshop in Semei. What are we doing? We produce everything that is interesting to our customers. For example, now we have begun to focus on the products for children. We called it anti-gadget products, ‘fix-it-yourself’ series, where a child has to assembly an eco wood machine,” said Emin Askerov, a social entrepreneur.

These toys generate interest among Russian residents. The country is willing to purchase products made in Kazakhstan. Emin Askerov has already partnered with key companies in the country. The social entrepreneur is confident that this is because the quality of the product is important to consumers.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova