Kazakhstan celebrates Day of Media Workers

Today journalists in Kazakhstan celebrate the Day of Media Workers. According to the already established tradition, the best workers of the country’s media sphere receive personal congratulations from Kazakh Ministry of Information and Social Development. A solemn ceremony of awarding medals and certificates took place in the “Kazmedia” center with the participation of Minister Aida Balayeva. She expressed her gratitude to all workers involved in the field of information for their professionalism and dedication to their work.

“Your materials have always raised acute, topical problems of society, because these problems are solved through your information. The problems of the country’s social and economic life change for the better. Sometimes we save people’s lives thanks to your materials. We note certain issues that contribute to the development of villages, regions and the whole country,” said Aida Balayeva, Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development.

Media workers were awarded with badges “Excellence in Media Sphere”, certificates “Kurmet” and medals “Yenbek ardagerі”. One of them is Kazinform’s news photographer Viktor Fedyunin.

“I have been working in journalism since 2000 as a news photographer. We always cover very interesting events, both international and domestic. Over the years of work, of course, I have witnessed the rise of our new capital. We filmed, showed, and also, in parallel with the guys from television, we worked side by side. Happy Holiday, I wish you good health, happiness and all the best!,” said Viktor Fedyunin, news photographer, Kazinform International News Agency.